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The Santarosa Group

The Santarosa Group

The Santarosa Group has grown from a home heating oil hauler in 1953, to the parent company of Buffalo Fuel Corp. and SGS Recovery, and a partner company of Frontier Fibers.

Buffalo Fuel Corp.

Buffalo Fuel Corp. is a total transportation solution and Responsible Care partner able to haul waste, hazardous materials, dangerous materials and general freight.

SGS Recovery

SGS Recovery is a total, zero-waste solution specializing in secured, sustainable removal, destruction and recycling of waste streams and the production of alternative engineered fuel.

Frontier Fibers

Frontier Fibers provides highly absorbent, lime-injected, fiber-based bedding for dairy, livestock and equestrian markets.

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Contact us if you have any questions for the Santarosa Group or one of its subsidiaries—Buffalo Fuel Corp., SGS Recovery or Frontier Fibers.