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The Santarosa Group

About Us

A family of dedicated service providers.

The Santarosa Group is headquartered in Niagara Falls, NY, and serves as the parent company for some of the largest family-owned and operated transportation, waste service and manufacturing companies in the region with subsidiaries Buffalo Fuel Corp., SGS Recovery and Frontier Fibers.

Ingrained in family history.

Founded in 1953 by Julio Santarosa, the Santarosa Group began with one home heating fuel delivery truck. Julio Santarosa saw a need for consistent, quality delivery service. The Santarosa Group continued to deliver home heating oil to homes and businesses across Western New York for the next 20 years, growing in size and scope, until giving way to the full-service transportation and hauling business—Buffalo Fuel Corp.

Growing then and now.

From its humble beginnings as a small fuel delivery business, the Santarosa Group has grown into a large, multi-corporate holding company with three large subsidiaries—Buffalo Fuel Corp., SGS Recovery and Frontier Fibers. Each of these companies, although different in products and offerings, maintains a consistent set of core values that stems from Julio Santarosa’s initial vision of consistently delivering quality products with outstanding customer service.

Contact Santarosa.

Contact us if you have any questions for the Santarosa Group or one of its subsidiaries—Buffalo Fuel Corp., SGS Recovery or Frontier Fibers.